Our Children

In a culture in which most products—including God—are mass-produced and marketed to a particular demographic niche, we at Exile Presbyterian Church are especially sensitive to the pressure many churches feel to allow the wisdom of the world to “squeeze us into its mold” (Rom. 12:2).

At EPC, one of our main goals is to learn to love the worship of God, and to instill that same love in our children. It is for this reason that we encourage the parents among us to keep their kids with them during the service; as our children are exposed to Scriptural worship they will learn to meaningfully participate with the rest of the congregation. There is nothing more beautiful – and biblical – than for God’s people to pray, sing, and confess their faith together (Heb. 4:14-16). After all, if Jesus invited the children to come to him (Luke 18:15-17), and if Paul called our children “holy” (I Cor. 7:14), why on earth would we want to rob them of the chance to worship with the rest of us?

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